Friday, August 26, 2011

last days of New York

 What with the impending hurricane-pocalypse (just not as ringing as snowpocalypse, please suggest alternatives), I figured it was time for another roll of photos from my last days in the big city. Which ended about a month ago, actually, but I have not yet actually moved on to the next place, so I figure it is still valid. So anyway, here's what I did in New York City in June.

 Flowers, obviously.

Now that Schnitzel and Things has a stationary restaurant, this is the only truck I bother chasing around the city. The kimchi is actually a little on the bland side, but the dishes are interesting and edible on the go, and the concept is very cool.

 The dress that saved my life by being the only thing I could stand to put on when the temperature topped 90ºF. Which it did, regularly, for weeks.

 I also ate basically nothing but thawed edamame with sweet chili sauce, because it is the best summer food that isn't watermelon or a granita.

 The view from a friend's fancy-pants roof deck. Far superior to the view of loitering teenagers and nannies pushing strollers from my apartment.

 Kosher angel food cake. Not as good as the regular kind, but the top did look nice.

 Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki covered in bonito flakes from Otafuku. They only serve those two things and yakisoba, but it's pretty much the best food ever to come out of a ten-foot-wide hole in a Manhattan wall.

 Shoe pictures are as predictable as flower pictures around here.
 My outfit for Sleep No More, which was the most wonderful piece of staged art I've ever seen. I'm sorry I couldn't get photos of the actual show, or just melt into it. It was Twin Peaks crossed with Macbeth crossed with a Howard Hawks noir.

These only lasted about two days, but they were beautiful.

I have really strong opinions on how to properly make a cucumber sandwich. Weirdly, I did not form them while living in England.

I miss my pretty cherry floors.

A bad photo of Ai Weiwei's Zodiac Heads, which opened while the artist was detained in his native China. Happily, he has since been released, but other Chinese artists continue to be arrested for their political views. I fell in love with his work after reading about this exhibit at the Tate Modern (my favorite museum in the world).

Stonewall Place during this year's Pride Parade, just days after gay marriage was legalized in New York. One of the happiest places I have ever been.

Staten Island Ferry. Another extremely happy place. The actual impetus for this ride was the realization that I'd been to four of five boroughs in one weekend, and needed to complete the set.

Then, as a bonus trip, I went to the beach. Coney Island Beach, in fact. It was weird, but mostly because I don't usually voluntarily go to beaches on hot, sunny days.

And then I went home to Cleveland.

Want to know what I did there? The July edition launches tomorrow!

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