Monday, July 11, 2011

green tea rice

Another My 25 recipe! I originally wrote that I wanted to do something kind of fancy with this, by which I think I meant serve it as part of a meal to people besides myself. Unfortunately none of the other three people in this apartment seem at all interested in trying it, because they have no taste. I'm counting it anyway. It's a totally different version than that last one. It has jasmine in it (because I don't have any normal green tea)!

I have no idea where I came across the idea for green tea rice, but I've made it a couple of times over the last three or so years, usually when I'm ridiculously busy but sick of eating bland take-out. The rice doesn't taste exactly like green tea, but it definitely has an interesting flavor, and the nuts and fruit add a nice sweetness and texture.

2 cups white short-grain rice (I use sushi-type rice, but I imagine other kinds would work)
2 cups strong-brewed green tea, cooled
1/3 cup roughly chopped pistachios and almonds (or slivered almonds)
1/3 cup chopped dried cranberries (or dried currants, or raisins)

Cook the rice in the green tea, cool, and mix in the nuts and fruit. Serve at room-temperature.

I'm very fond of food that I can make in summer without turning on my stove or oven. The rice cooker radiates very little heat and can be left to its own devices while I sit in front of a fan in the next room.  This rice works great for that, as well as being nice and light and better at room temperature. Unfortunately it doesn't reheat well after being refrigerated (at least when made with sushi rice), but it can be left out in tupperware overnight without spoiling.


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