Thursday, May 26, 2011

swear everything I say is true on a first edition copy of Peter Pan

 Oh look, more photos!

I went with some friends to a gorgeous old theater in Jersey City for a screening of both versions of The Thing From Another World.

 If dark chocolate Raisinets had existed when I was a kid I might not have lost my sweet tooth. Plus, you know... antioxidants.

 The whole place was very elegant and quite run-down. This was in the powder room.

 The gallery.

 Shoes again. They take me to my favorite neighborhood bar.

I get way too excited in antique stores. About andirons, apparently.

 Flowers. Obviously.

 I mean, really, if you saw someone selling lilacs in New York City in April you would buy them too.


Priorities. I still haven't found a bar spoon.

 On my last day of literature classes I panic-baked chocolate chip banana bread.

Remnants of a spectacular cook-out (all credit for the food to James).

 Not pleased with this hat. Want a PhD hat, they look nicer.

 Graduation involves a lot of waiting around.

 Finally went to the Met for the first time since 2005, after living here for twenty-one months.

 Definitely not the entrance to my building.

 Above two are in the ladies' room of "our" new bar. I am sold.

 I do not really like cherries or when Kelly leaves them lying around but they sure are pretty.

 I made a resolution to stop leaving hair-styling things lying all over my room. Not sure this is an improvement. Sometimes I dream I am being suffocated by headbands.

Summer grocery shopping. Cold, nice things.

 Best for last: I got to see Darren Hanlon play at NYC Popfest last weekend, and Rose Melberg came and sang with him! Totally made up for missing the Go Sailor show the night before. Especially because I talked to her and then also to him when I was buying tshirts. And David Dondero played drums for a little while. And it was basically a magical hour for all.

You can watch the video of the song my post title is from below. They also sang a brand new song I haven't been able to find video of, but it was about choosing a city to settle down in and involved Rose singing a line like "you may think I'm fussy/ but I need a good library" or something equally wonderful.

NYC Popfest 2011: Darren Hanlon performs "All These Things" w/ Rose Melberg at Santos, NYC from on Vimeo.

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  1. fantastic shopping list.

    i am continually finding myself out of whiskey, i buy it about $200 at a time.

    “I spent 90% of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted” -george best

    p. pan (in a little while maybe dr. pan)