Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my life looks oddly colorful

It has been a while since I bombarded you with random photos and nonsense captions, right? Here you go.

 My hyacinths bloomed. And they were beautiful.

 Shopping for a dinner party in Manhattan takes about three hours and four grocery stores, plus the wine shop. I consider it an extreme sport, and I like it. Because I am strange.

Last year's official shoes of spring, out of the cupboard.

 I think I was interested by the way my computer and hair clip share a sparkly quality.

Washington Square Park pavement.

 I bought a dress with Little Red Riding Hood on it. Also it is yellow, a color I never ever wear.

 Suddenly realized what attracted me to the fabric I made my laptop case out of.

 Brunch at this place was not that tasty, but the patio is so pretty.

 Easter (shoes) with my lovely Kelly.

 We went to pretty places and enjoyed the sunshine (Easter magic: I didn't get burnt). 

I did not think about all the floral when I put on those plaid shoes.

 Later on we got rained in at one of our favorite spots.

 Yes, I like taking photos of shoes. These ones have seen me through several countries and many rainstorms.

 People at my coffee place also have great shoes.

 Pretend-outline from the middle of thesis-delirium.

 No idea what kind of drink this was, but I'd like another one.

 Making rhubarb simple syrup. Weird smell, great taste.

 Royal wedding made me jealous of British women and their great headwear.

 One day I was too lazy to devil eggs so I just started eating them hard-boiled with honey mustard, salt, and pepper. It's pretty much amazing.

Pimm's Cup! It's summer!

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