Thursday, April 14, 2011

admitting to springtime

So, if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook or are psychically keeping tabs on all my mental twitches, you know that my MA thesis has pretty well taken over my life lately, as such things tend to do. Fortunately I am not the type to buckle under the pressure of such a task. Instead, during the last week before my draft was due I spent lots of time chirping away on the aforementioned sites, went to a dance in a dress that I tore apart and remade an hour and a half before the party, ran into a friend I haven't seen since high school, drank an elderflower version of a French 75, accidentally stayed out all night before the day I was going to finish writing, started reading an enormous book that is totally unrelated to my topic, met an Australian with a fantastic Leonard Cohen impression, re-watched the last few David Tennant Doctor Who episodes, did homework for my literature class, speculated about the upcoming premier of Game of Thrones, cleared the piles of Beckett books off my bed, was quoted in the NYU newspaper, did some laundry, and eventually spent a couple of evenings typing away in various libraries and coffee shops. The draft went in on time and in good shape, because I'm just that good at life.

As a reward for finishing, I decided to finally admit that it's spring and kind of beautiful out. 

Hyacinths for Miss Emily. My apartment is going to smell so wonderful in a couple of days! 

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