Thursday, February 17, 2011

photos from last fall

Lots of photos (I warned you about this, right?), some from my phone and some from my camera. All from Fall 2010, through Thanksgiving.

I don't really like that the NYU library re-binds all its books with blank covers, but the shelves do look very pretty.

Wells visited New York the same week I bought the hipstamatic iPhone app.

Sometimes I eat appetizer plates for dinner.

My Halloween costume: the 1992 Perry Ellis "Grunge" collection that got Marc Jacobs fired and made him famous.

New York City Halloween parade

Wells and Henry, who is the best dog. They should both move to New York immediately.

Cleveland colors.

I made a headband for the 11/11 meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Club.

Corduroy cape

Eric and Riley made turducken for Thanksgiving Part II.

Josh and Wells bonded with guitars.

Mulled wine and paprikás. That was a good evening.

Nerd wine brought by a friend from nerd school. It was tasty.


  1. the profile of you (fifth picture from the beginning, i believe) reminds me of the one of you in high school, when your hair was braided, maybe you know the one i am talking about, i am not sure how to post pictures on this....thing...


  2. The one that looks sparkly because it was taken in a dirty mirror? I don't think I even have a copy of that any more. You should send me one if you do.