Friday, February 18, 2011

photos from Christmas break

More photos! This one is How I Spent My Christmas Vacation.

My mom always has the prettiest tree.

Christmas boots.

My sister was bunny-sitting over the holiday. This is Jasper.

He is the most gluttonous bunny ever.

I decorated my sister's (gorgeous) apartment for our brother's surprise 21st birthday party.

Josh and I stayed at the beautiful Glidden House hotel for a couple days after Christmas. It's right on Case campus and I'd been pining for a night there for years. Worth the money.

Josh makes funny faces when confronted with cameras.

My dentist is one of those people who wishes it were Christmas all year. She's awesome.

Freshly dyed hair, funny face.

I took a couple of walks on frozen Lake Erie while I was home.

My aunt's darling dog, Cooper.

Vintage cigarette ads from some awesome old magazines Josh gave me.

Betty Draper.

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