Sunday, September 12, 2010

eat your vegetables


I had a glorious day today, wearing a pretty outfit and attending the Brooklyn Book Festival in a friendly drizzle. I even had some pork dumplings from one of my favorite food trucks for lunch. And then I had a pretzel and a hot dog from Auntie Anne's for dinner, because I happened to be passing through Penn Station and they smelled really good. Not one single speck of vegetable (or fruit) in either meal, save for the half dozen slivers of green onion floating in the dipping sauce for the dumplings. Of which I probably actually ingested two.

I came home to read and promptly fell asleep for an hour, during which I dreamed I was being sternly lectured by the vegetable garden my mother raised for a few years when I was in grade school. And I woke up and poured myself a bowl of the Trader Joe's shelled edamame sitting in my fridge. The untouched bag of spinach in the crisper is still scowling at me, but the moral of this story is to eat your vegetables or they will come after you in your sleep.

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