Friday, July 16, 2010

summer cheer


Summer is killing me, guys. Working sporadically as a tutor means a lot of trekking back and forth through sweaty subway stations during the hottest hours of the day, spending most of my small income on sunscreen, showering every four hours, and not having the energy to do much of anything. Including seeing any of my friends. Oh, and drinking iced coffee to kill my appetite because every time I eat something I feel ill. Really healthy, I know. This is not my season. All I want to do is sit in front of the fan and read books that take place in very cold regions, like deep space and St. Petersburg.

But most people love summer, right? So please, you summer-lovers, tell me some good things about summer, or send me fun things to read or play with on the internet while I stew in my apartment. Just don't tell me "no school" is a good thing, because you hopefully know me better than that by now.

The most cheerful thing I've found today is this beautifully-designed quiz that tells you what font best represents your personality. Like the lovely Sarah Von, on whose blog I found this delight, my result was Archer Hairline.

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