Monday, July 12, 2010

Paris Couture Autumn/Winter 2010-11

Sometimes it's not a bad thing to spend some time just looking at pictures of pretty clothes. Here are some of my favorites from the Paris Couture Week that just passed. Photos borrowed from Fashion Gone Rogue.

I didn't love the Chanel collection, which was weirdly proportioned and a bit too full of scattered laces and embroideries and other embellishments even for me (which takes quite a bit of scattering), but I did really like this wine color that popped up several times, and the coat is beautiful. I like the hoof-tipped boots, which remind me of these. I'm also thinking this lion-head dress is one of the best uses of sparkles on clothing I've ever seen. [more]

I cannot stop looking at this Dior collection. I don't think anybody can, actually. The models are literally walking flowers. There are some amazing, fairy tale-worthy ballgowns, but my favorites are these slightly less dramatic dresses with amazing and petal-like construction and beautiful colors emerging from the black body. [more]

Probably the most wearable of all these clothes, the Armani Privé collection makes me want to go live in Italy in the winter. And only wear neutral colors, and possibly become a blonde. I often forget how much I like Armani (because I see too much Armani Exchange stuff), but then they do a collection like this and the perfect structured-unstructured lines make me want to run away into the world Armani ladies live in. [more]

Along with my favorite long sleeves-and-short skirt look, this Valentino collection has some proportions that are even stranger than the Chanel ones, but here they look playful and interesting instead of awkward. A very quiet, classic palette and really touchable fabrics make me want all these things. [more]

I just read an excellent book called The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer. Jean Paul Gaultier's latest collection could be costumes for the film of that book. Particularly if the film were otherwise made by everyone who worked on Blade Runner, because I'm sure you can see how well that aesthetic works with JPG's outfits. I love the wing-like shoulders (very angellic) and am strangely drawn to the mesh dress with fishnets. [more]

This Elie Saab collection might have taken 'draping' to a new level. It also has an interesting palette (lots of super-neutrals plus intense reds and minty green) and my favorite bride of the season.  She is obviously a fairy princess. [more]

Givenchy's models look like biker chicks running away from their wedding nights, or fourteen-year-old girls who haven't decided between Debbie Harry and Ophelia. I don't love the collection overall, but I like a lot of the things that went into it. Except for the lace  bellbottoms. Those I do not like. [more]

There were more shows, but I can't find borrow-able photos of them and I have to return this laptop to the library in a few minutes. Stephane Rolland also did beautiful things with draping and petals. Worth made costumes for really scary Elizabethan ballerinas. Maison Martin Margiela made whole outfits out of cowboy boots. Couture seasons are nice because there aren't thousands and thousands of photos to sift through. Before you go, here are some more mind-blowing flower dresses for you to look at:

 The blue and pink one reminds me of a giant display I saw at the Cleveland Flower Show when I was five. Amazing.

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