Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Wore (Not on Wednesday)

Was bored, went to play on Polyvore. Wore the first one to grab lunch, and later hookah and drinks, with one of my best friends when she came to town last weekend. The second one is today's outfit.

That lace, cropped motorcycle jacket was the most expensive thing I've ever bought at H&M (besides my Lagerfeld dress and tweed coat, which my mother paid for...), but it was totally worth it. Gorgeous, no? The dress is my new favorite summer piece, so comfy and such a pretty blue. My "Union Johnson" bag is actually black and shaped kind of differently, but this one gives you the general aesthetic. I haven't carried it in ages but dragged it out in honor of Saira's visit. Earrings, cuff, and scarf are approximations of some of my staples, spectator shoes are still in my top five after a couple months of wearing them. Mine are not so white, though, so they don't clash with the cream jacket and bag the way they do in the pictures.

Second-favorite new summer dress, in another unusual and gorgeous color! I have the sash tied bandeau-style over my chest, though, because there's too much fabric in the bust of the dress and it makes me look odd. Dithered over returning the dress for two weeks until I hit upon this solution. I really do have those cute sunglasses and that darling bag, but the rest of the accessories are approximations: my shoes are that shape but darker and cheaper, my earrings are bigger, and my scarf is monochrome brocade. I am also wearing cropped floral leggings, which make a big difference in the oufit, but I can't find any on Polyvore or anywhere else that don't make the whole set look awful, despite how nice the oufit looks. Here are some colors:

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